Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Prodigy- Warrior's Dance

Amazing stop animation by The Prodigy. Take a look

My reasons for liking this piece is not only that its a great video but I also like the technique which requires alot of patience, somthing I have tried to shy away from in the past due to the amount of time it take to succesfully pull off an animation.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Offspring - (Animation)

My reasons for liking this video are simply because it looks so different, the technology seams pretty straightforward but to execute the differerences between the animated and realife "worlds" is a particuly hard thing too achieve. This is particuly well done in my favourite part of the video where he walks down the street before revealing his face because you are unsure what to expect although suspect something due to the occasonal close up on the toons face.


I like this video as it is a simplistic idea finnished well, but I cant help but feel that it doesnt promote Osis mainly due to too not showing the band often enough, howver this could be the general idea as the "sound" of Oasis has been around for a while now and prehaps doesnt need any more promoting. But then I thought to myself, thats a really silly idea, why waste money on a video when you do need one and your band is at full momentum? Prehaps the days of Oasis are becomming numberd or they just enjoy the procces of adding moving image too their music.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


It is with great confusion that I greet you to the Video Ross blog. I should have put the introduction first but decided to let Glogster do that part, so all I really have to do is tell you that this is a blog for A2 Media Studies and then I can get back to watching music videos and drinking tea Great :)