Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Videos, Then Music Videos

Just posting again to let you know how the editing process is going. The truth is that I think that it is currently going very well and that I am rapidly getting to the end of the song with alot of footage left over. The only problem is that I don't wish to get to the end of the song to then realise that I haven't completed the story that is supossed to be hidden amogst the timelapse's and backwards footage as this would give the video no direction. However on the otherside of things I don't wish to neglect the lipsyncing to fit the story in either, so getting these to things tp balance out I think is going to be a challenge.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

There's Good News, Then There's Bad News

Basicly to cut it short I have started editing succsessfully on Final Cut which is cool because im allready doing more than I was in I- Movie allthough it has taken me a little time to get this far.

The bad news is that while editing I have discoverd that due to the complex nature of my music video and because I have filmed some shots allready backwards tht I did infact shoot the stair scene back to front. I know this baffles you as much as it baffles me. Buf what it boils down to is me needing to re-shoot some stuff. Luckily there is a school training day on Friday so I can film then.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

RichMix Media Expedition

As you may or or may not be aware of on Thursday we continued our exploration of deepest darkest Bethnal Green and eventually found the tomb of Richmix. Well to tell the truth it was more of a cinema than a tomb, but ofcourse a little poetic lisence is allways welcome.

Whilst searching for various nuggets, not of gold, but infomation on the music promo industry we encounterd many dangers and boobytraps including a collapsing cinema chair. Eventually however as time passed on we discoverd Corin Hardy, the director of such videos as the Prodegy's "Warrior Dance" and Palo Nutini's "Pencil for my Lead." He told us many great pieces of infomation on how budgets etc have a huge part to play in making a music promo, we also learnt how to improve our own promo's. We then managed to escape Richmix by jumping onto a tube train which was being chased by a giant bolder down the tunnel.

Friday, 4 December 2009

This is proberbly the most comon type of promontional poster for a female artiste whereby the she has been photgraphed scantaly clothed in an obscure pose. This creates a feeling of sexual desire for any male passers by/ fans who prehaps aren't so interested in the music as the teenage girls but more in the performer herself. This ofcourse works well in the mainstream but there are also female artistes of a different genres that dont tend to play off of this selling point.

Florance and the Machine is such an artiste wherby instead of playing off of her looks she has a much more creative apporach. As you can see from the poster below the poster simply shows of the artistic, experimental style of her act, playing off the hand made authenticity of her music. The riped cardboard look of the poster is a good visual metaphor as it shows the rough and ready approach that she has with her music and audince.

The poster below is proberbly the most uncommon of all styles as it relates directly to the film to which the artiste performed the soundtrack. Either that or the artist, Jon Connor has used the intertextuality of the Terminator films to create this poster. I particually like how they have used the same typography and font as in the films.

Promo Poster Power

Another important part of an advertising campaign in the music industry is the use of promotional postaers. These can be put almost anywhere from bus shelters at the side of the road, A4 size to be put up in windows or magazines or buyable posters for people to put up in bedrooms etc.

Wherever they are put up they are a valuable resource when promoting the artiste or album and so must put across the demographic of the artist so that fans or passers-by begin to take notice. The last thing you want when promoting a band is for nobody to take any notice.

Improved Digipack

Due to a lasrge number of people editing at the moment I have decided to come back to my digipack and make some slight changes. As my music video is not only about the lead singer, Noah's past and the whole video is about looking backwards as well as going physically backwards I thought it would be good to reference this more in the album cover. So I have re-opened the photoshop file and rearanged the letters slightly so that there is more refence to the theme of the past.

Here is the new and improved digipack.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Edit :D

Sry I havent posted for a couple of days I have been really busy putting bits and pices together. The good news is that it is now December but other than that I now also have all the footage I need and the edit is now underway. The only thing is that it might take me a little longer to edit than usual as I hope to use Final Cut Pro rather than the the basic timeline of I - Movie