Friday, 25 September 2009

The Creating of the Musical Artiste

  • Name - Noah and the Arc: Noah is lead singer, the Arc is the band.
  • Genre - Britpop
  • Brief Description - Rough and ready the band is origernaly from Manchester but now lives in the suberbs around London. Age, 21

Noah and the Arc are origernally from Manchester allthough they moved to London in search of a record deal but had to move to the suberbs due the high rent. Noah, who is now a christian after a life of crime has found his place in music and now spends most of his time with the band. Noah joined the band after attempting to steal from the Arcs record shop in Manchester, although they were formally known as instramental band; Thinkcentre.

The bands musical influences include such bands as Oasis, The Stone Roses and also Blur. The band has only just joined the record label and so hope that their new single, 'You Showed Me' will give them enough publicity to go on tour from late November right through to the new year.

Their discography includes the album which You Showed Me originates from plus a few experimental songs posted on thier Myspace page.

Despite Noah's press coverage in the Manchester local news the band has very little publicity other than a small following in Manchester and in London from where they have played local pubs and clubs.

Intended semiosis includes promoting the band as being all about the music. The main place of doing this would be their web page on Myspace. But a website specifically for the band is under construction.

The bands unique selling point is their faith in god, allthough they aren't heavy preachers they promote respect and well being which are all part of their beliefs. PR stunts planned included a live performance in the street outside the record label's shop as well as drive around London with a loud speaker promoting upcomming gigs and events. This will allow the bands music to be heard for free creating an interst so that people will want to come to the gigs and pay to see the band.

  • Target Audience: The main target audience of the band is 15-30 yearolds. They are generaly gentle people and enjoy quite songs as well as the faster paced louder numbers. They too, like the band are putting forward well being and kindness but in a way that doesn't involve reciting the Bible. Merchandising includes T- Shirts, keyrings and also badges. CD's are at reduced price to encourage the fans to come to gigs. This will extend the bands image as being all about the music as it would show that they would rather fans listened to them live rather than listen to a audioedited CD; plus making them more money as concert tickets are more expensive than CD prices and fans would feel obliged to see the band in concert.
  • Other promotianal art styles include a digipack which will hold the CD plus other memorabilia includeing photos of the band and lyrics to the songs plus a booklet explaining the bands background and insperation.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Micro Analysis - Music Video.

This is Bittersweet Symphoney by The Verve. Like my song it has a slow rythmical pace making it perfect for a video that invloves alot of walking.

The video begins with the musical introduction playing straight away, probably due to it being so long so the camera has enough time to set the scene, zooming away from Richard Ashcroft’s (lead singer of The Verve) feet until he stands in the centre of a high-street. As the rhythm of the song picks up he begins to walk towards the camera, the camera which appears to be handheld tracks backwards away from Ashcroft maintaining an unsteady wide shot. What is particularly interesting is how the public dominate the pavement don’t appear to gather around the camera but simply continue their lives around Ashcroft as he cuts his path straight down the middle, regardless of people or trolley-bags. This is extremely evident when Ashcroft barges between two women in conversation causing them to both look back over their shoulders in surprise and anger.

The camera does change angle to be behind the singer every so often to allow the audience to view what is in front of Ashcroft but often cuts back to tracking backwards to allow for more close-ups of the singers face, the camera having jumped between wide, mid and close up shots as the audience grow more towards liking the star. My two favourite camera angles from the video are when the camera is extremely low to the floor tracking Ashcroft’s feet through the crowd as this gives a real sense of how crowded the pavement is. My second favourite shot from the video is the point of view angle, particularly when he steps over the woman’s car and she gets out to scream in his face, especially as you see her get out the car from over his shoulder and run up to him before you cut to the POV shot and she lets loose her anger.

There isn’t a great deal to be said about the editing in the video as it appears to be mostly one long take although it is broken down by the other shots such as close ups and wide, POV and close up shots which I mentioned earlier by the ordinary simple cut.

Intertextual Refrancing

Intertextual Refrancing is when you use the idea of another medium in your work such as a film clip or a TV program. Here is a good example from a Blur video entitled "Music is my Radar"

Obveously you have to be careful not to copy the other medium otherwise it's possible you could be accused of copyright,

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Act...

-My act is a solo artist although they do have an acompaning band.

-Name- Noah, and the arc

-Backstory- Came second in the X- Factor compertition after a life of singing in local pubs and clubs. Is a very serious person and has been known to self harm and take recreational drugs despite being a practasing christian.

-Ideology- Hopes to redeem himself in gods eyes by starting fresh. He hopes to escape from the life he used to lead and continue on the straight and narrow.

-Record Label- Has signed with Rough Trade due to the success the label had with Pulp and is hoping to continue the with the same style of music.

Plan of Action

14/09 - Choose song and create an image for artist/ band.

29/09 - Textual analysis & adding elemants for meaning.

28/09 - Moodboards and Glogsters & lern how to pitch ideas.

05/09 - Pitches

12/09 - Storyboarding

19/09 - Create Animatic

Friday, 11 September 2009

Welcome Back

Well, I have offically started year 13, hence the huge gap between the posts known as the summer holidays. Can't wait to get my teeth into my music video, I have a rough idea what I want to do possibly with some animation but I need to plan it out further so I know exactly what im doing.