Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

I think it would be fair to say that this whole project would be almost impossible if it wasn’t for the creation of new media technology, NMT and so I am eternally grateful for all the inventions and gadgets that I have used along the way.


When creating a music video you must of course choose a song to create a video to. To do this I decided to enlist the help of my dad’s enormous CD collection which unfortunately fills half the house, but with the help of an i-pod I was able to carry around the whole collection in my pocket and choose a relevant song whilst also looking for possible locations.

Once I had chosen the song I needed to look for inspiration which came in the form of the German MTV channel and was where I discovered the Pharcyde video. I was then able to search the group on You tube once back in the UK and try and work out how they created the video so that I could make the video my own.

In the meantime whilst also doing this I began to create the blog that you are reading this off of. Blogspot is a great tool for putting all your information and research onto as it allows you to upload videos and images with very little trouble.

I also knew that I had to create a poster and digipack so I also began to search the internet looking for examples that I could take inspiration from for my campaign later on in the project.

No blog is complete without a banner and so I decided to create a banner to head my blog using Photoshop. This allowed me to create the banner to just the right size and also choose the colour I wanted.


NMT was a very important part of the planning stages as I had to gather actors and props for the video. Social networking sites such as Facebook allowed me to quickly and easily contact actors so that I was able to quickly and efficiently send messages to people and update them on the current situations around filming.

E-mail isn’t perhaps as new as the social networking sites but via email I was able to send the song to the actor, Conor so that he was able to learn it in advance of us filming the lip synching parts.


Production was probably where I used the most NMT as it is such a large and technical area.

Filming the lip synching parts off the video I was able to play the song through the computer via i-tunes because I was bale to synch the i-pod with the computer. This helped Conor, the actor a great deal as he was then prompted when to come in rather than off the top of his head.

Again I used the software Photoshop when creating the ancillary texts as this allowed me to manipulate and change any part of the poster or digipack that I wanted with almost know limits, from text to imagery.

To edit the music video, once it had been filmed I used the software known as Final Cut Pro. Like Photoshop does for images the software allows me to manipulate the video almost however I want allowing me to cut and edit parts of the video that were irrelevant and also add in effects.


You may be thinking that the evaluation is probably the subheading that uses NMT the least, but you are wrong. To write a sturdy and strong evaluation you must have feedback from a large number of people and audiences and so to distribute my music video I decided to post the video on Youtube. This enables anybody from around the world to access my video and leave feedback.

Blogspot also comes back into the equation because as I’m sure you know the world doesn’t appear to use typewriters anymore so I am able to post my evaluation directly to my blog which also holds all the information and research that I have done previously.

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