Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I believe that the music video and ancillary texts work perfectly together. The whole theme of the band Noah & The Arc was that they were escaping from a past of problems and danger and I believe that all three do this very well.

The music video displays some of the bad behaviour that Noah used to practice in his past days by cheating on women and how he gets caught out when one of the women discovers a note left by another.

I decided to create the digipack in black and white as I felt that this best reflected the differences between good and evil. What is also important about the digipack is how it shows the development of Noah’s story as he finds himself in prison at one stage before being set free and him seeing the light.

The poster then comes in at this point. I again decided to use the black and white colour scheme to continue the ideology of good versus evil. I also decided to continue an idea which I originally thought of when creating the digipack of turning some letters to face the opposite direction. This played into the hands of the video as parts of the video as you know are in reverse and I believe help to distinguish between right and wrong. The story part of the poster is in affect the last chapter as it displays the dates of release for the album and Noah has in a sense at last broken away from his evil past and so the poster depicts him turning away from the past and heading towards the future.

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