Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the audience feedback I was able to change many parts of the video that previously made understanding the narrative difficult or little touches that I hadn’t noticed when editing the video. For example the scenes where I filmed the lead singer, Noah painting his demise on the glass were originally backwards which I had decided to do so that it would look as if he was trying to undo his inevitable future. However when I showed this too the group they stated that it looked a little odd when he was taking the paint off with the paintbrush that when the image appeared a few seconds later in the video the part that he had previously taken off had reappeared and he was now trying to remove another piece. To correct this I took into account what the group had said and decided to make the glass scenes flow in the forwards direction which I believe this was the right decision as the scenes now flow much better and Noah seems to be painting his inevitable future towards destruction as well as living it.

Another important change that stemmed from audience feedback was changing the end of the video to fit in with the length of the song. Many people had already said that I had too much time lapse in the later parts of the video but also complained that the glass smashing shot which originally occurred after the song had finished was too late. So what I decided to do was to cut out some of the later time lapse and bring everything back a little so that there was less time lapse and the glass smashed on the last beat of the song.

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